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Routers Fast Facts

  • 69%Cisco Router Market Share
  • 25.2%Models made by Cisco
  • 638Current Products
  • 7,463Total Products
  • 58%Include Quality of Service (QoS)

Flipboard Articles

Routers Videos

Here is a collection of related Router videos. They range from Router reviews and buyer's guides to Router technology overviews. This is our approach to taking the guesswork out of finding and sorting useful video content.

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Routers Articles

Here is a collection of related Router articles. They include Router reviews, "Best Router" roundups and Router technology. We have attempted to limit redundancy and remain as current as possible.

There are two ways to view this content. Either select an individual article from the links below, or to view in a Flipboard magazine format, click on the "Read Magazine" button in the Flipboard Articles section above.

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How to Ditch Slow Wireless Speeds and Go Completely Wired in Your Home / Whitson Gordon
Wi-Fi provides a convenient way to connect the computers in your home without dealing with the hassle of wires, but Wi-Fi is also slow and unreliable compared to a wired connection...

What Separates Business Routers From Consumer Routers?

PC World / Michael Brown
If you're in the market for a new router for your small business, you might be tempted by the flashy features, high speeds, and low cost of consumer-oriented routers...

Best Wired Router / Greg Wiesen
While wireless routers have become more affordable and popular in many network setups, they're not always necessary or ideal for every situation. A wired router provides...

The Complete Wired Router Buying Guide

The Internet can be accessed by a range of modern electronics, and establishing connections within a home or office among multiple devices requires the use of a router...

Everything You Need to Know About Home Networking / James Bruce
Setting up a home network is not as hard as you think it is. In fact, if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) gave you a router when you signed up...

Routers versus Switches for Enterprise Internet Routing

NetworkWorld / Scott Hogg
Just this last week several customers have ironically all asked me the exact same question. "Can we use an Ethernet switch instead of...

Turn your home or small-office router into an enterprise-level powerhouse

ComputerWorld / Preston Gralla
There's a lot more power lurking in your home or small-office router than you realize. It may be capable of tricks that powerful...

What Separates Business Routers From Consumer Routers?

PCWorld / Michael Brown
If you're in the market for a new router for your small business, you might be tempted by the flashy features, high speeds, and low cost...

Understanding the differences between gateways and routers

TechRepublic / Brien Posey
For someone who's new to networking, the differences between gateways and routers can often be confusing. In this article, I'll attempt to shed some light...

How to Choose a Router for Your Business

PCWorld / Eric Geier
Buying a router for a business isn't as simple as picking a consumer product with the best ratings from an online merchant or ...

Enterprise WAN Router Buyer's Guide

Enterprise Networking Planet / Drew Robb
The router market is an interesting space. It is split into two broad categories: enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN) routers and branch...

Difference Between Gateway & Router

eHow / Chris Loza
The primary difference between gateways and routers is that a gateway is the single point of access to computers outside your network. Depending on the complexity of...

Top 10 Enterprise Routers

The role of a router for business enterprises is to connect computer networks such as an office network and the Internet. It forwards data between entities within each...

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