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Insights & Definitions

Brands help you identify specific solutions that you will or will not consider. Brand is also a good indication of whether the product is focused on business users or consumers.

The number of solutions that a vendor has within a specific product category can indicate their commitment to, and corresponding success in, that market.

Another indication of vendor quality can be articles written and videos produced about specific products (use the "Articles & Videos" link on this page). Generally, such reviews are only provided for market leaders.

Quantity is the leading reason for vendors to discount their pricing. Quantity discounts are available to the pricing shown on the left. Enter the quantity you need here.

Price can be an indication of quality and value. Any vendor that charges more for a product than the marketplace is willing to pay will not remain in business, or at least in that market, for very long.

The price actually paid for a product is usually driven by available budget, but specific feature requirements can sometimes command a higher price.

Minimum Rating

Ratings have become very important in product and service evaluation. They can help you avoid a bad choice or they can eliminate any potential doubts you may have and help you with your selection.

Currently about 61% of prospective buyers check for ratings and read online reviews (use the "Articles & Videos" link on this page) before making a purchase decision.

Many products have no ratings. Products without ratings generally mean either the product is relatively new or has not gained much traction in the marketplace. Although, that should not necessarily disqualify a solution from consideration.

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