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Go Green
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Go Green
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A Responsible Approach to Corporate Citizenship

Go Green CompareIt

CompareIt is committed to doing its part to reduce its impact on the environment and promote awareness of environmental issues. We have created this page to educate and encourage people to live an environmentally-conscious lifestyle. As our business revolves around technology and electronics, our focus in this forum is dealing with the responsible disposal of these products. But it is our hope that the conversations started here will grow beyond these basic issues.

We welcome your comments and input as to how we can make this page more useful and more responsive to our community.


Save the Planet

CompareIt Recycle

Maybe you have no more use for that electronic gadget or ethernet switch, but that does not mean it is time to toss it into the landfill. Here are some useful links and ideas.

Electronics have different life spans (a smartphone's is 18 months, while a TV is more than 10 years) and first you should look to extend the life through resale or reuse. See if there's a worthy home for your small or large electronic devices at a local school, church, retirement home or community center. You'd be surprised how valuable your old device might be to someone else. To begin recycling, follow the two simple steps below (click on each step for additional information).

Step 1) Find out if your device has value, either cash or to someone who needs it.

Kodak offers a mail-in cash program for old digital cameras and printers.

Best Buy cash mail-in or in store trade-in program. offers gift cards through its electronics trade-in program. has paid out $25 million for consumer electronics.

Hewlett-Packard in partnership with Staples provides free.electronics recycling for all brands of office electronics (excludes TVs) at Staples stores across the US . HP also offers customers a choice of cash, donation to charity, or HP gift card for most computer equipment—visit the website to get a quote.

NextWorth offers great values for your used devices.

Recyclebank offers a points system for recycling, which you can then use for discounts and merchandise. The site boasts more than 2 million users.

Staples offers cash for printer cartridges and in partnership with HP provides free.electronics recycling for all brands of office electronics (excludes TVs) at Staples stores across the US.

Close the Gap makes reused and refurbished computers available to underprivileged individuals in Africa and other developing countries.

Digital Links has distributed over 50,000 reused computers to the developing world and provided access to technology for over 125,000 individuals.

Panasonic offers a plan for recycling of Toughbook® mobile computers that have reached the end of their life-cycle. The process works the same for all customers and is free of charge.

Step 2) Recycle It!

Use the zip code search tool at the Consumer Technology Association website to find a recycling location near you. This list of recyclers only includes industry programs, which use strict standards, and third-party certified recyclers. So rest assured your device with be safely recycled!

Before going to drop off your old router, computer, TV or other device, please check the "Accepted Electronics" tab in the search results or call ahead to check.

Recycle Electronics 101: Recycle Computers, Monitors, and other Electronics


Save the Landfills

CompareIt Recycle

Extending the life of an item can be as easy as using it in a different way or donating the item to a worthy cause. Not only can you help somebody, but you can prevent it from adding to the local landfill.

The following collection of videos are some of the best examples on how you can reuse your dated equipment. If you are aware of additional videos that would be helpful to the community, please go to our Suggestions page and provide us with the link.

Reuse Your Laptop

With a philips head screwdriver and a half an hour, turn an old laptop into $200 and a slick external harddrive. Reuse saves more energy and materials than recycling, and you make some money in the process.

How to Make a Cheap Digital Projector from an Old Laptop

To do this project you will need an old laptop or an LCD screen that you don't mind tearing apart. You'll also need an old overhead projector. This is just a basic tutorial, and is only meant to be built upon.

How to Supercharge your old Router

Here is a handy tip on how to bring your old router back to life with a simple firmware update

Boost Your Wireless Using An Old Router (as a wireless repeater)

Links to resources:
Ubuntu Live CD -
Supported routers -
Windows Installation Guide -
Official guide -


Save Some Money

CompareIt Recycle

Thinking about selling your old equipment? Help save the planet while you recover some of that old investment.

Several companies and retailers offer various trade-in and purchase programs for old phones, computers, tablets, video games, and other electronic devices. It's just another way to extend the life of an item which would normally end up in our landfills. Oh, and it might put a few bucks into your pocket as well!

Trade In or Sell for Cash

Gazelle is a reCommerce service that will take iPads, external hard drives, GPS devices, satellite radios, Blu-ray movies, and other gadgets. If your item isn't listed, you can contact them for a personalized quote. Payment can be made via Amazon gift card, checks, PayPal, or you can opt to have the funds donated to one of the charities they work with.

NextWorth works with several retailers to make it easy for you to receive store credit or a gift card by trading in old electronics. You can go to their website and receive a quote online, and then get a check or gift card mailed to you. You can also receive payment via PayPal or e-gift card.

Major electronics retailer Best Buy has a trade-in program. You can swap your used gadgets and other electronics for a store gift card. They also have a buy-back program when you're ready to upgrade your current products.

If you don't feel like selling old electronics on Amazon, you can participate in the company's trade-in program. Assuming your used electronics meet the product eligibility criteria, a gift card will be deposited into your account upon receipt of your items.

BuyMyTronics will buy your used cell phones, iPods, iPads (and other Apple products), digital cameras, tablets, and other electronics. You'll receive a free quote, and if you agree with the offer the company also offers free shipping. The gadget will then be processed and you'll get a check in the mail, or payment via PayPal.

iOffer is another eCommerce site that offers "a negotiable marketplace." You can sell, trade, or purchase just about anything. There is also an entire section devoted specifically to video games.

If you are aware of additional links or videos that offer options to sell your used electronics, please click on the Suggestion link below and post your idea.


Curated Articles for the Environmentally Conscious

Here is a collection of articles about "Going Green" in both your home and your office. They include tips, best practices, and general information about how best to recycle, reuse, and resell the items you no longer use or need. We have attempted to limit redundancy and remain as current as possible. To view the articles in Flipboard magazine format, click the "Read Magazine" button on the Flipboard cover image.

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