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CompareIt News
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Duane Golden
(937) 435-2700 Launches Internet's First Technology "Research Engine"

Dayton, OH - will release version 2.0 of their technology comparison website, repositioned as the Internet's first "Research Engine" on July 18th.

The new adds a buying decision guide that explains the pertinent product features available, and provides details on their uses and importance. The guide is product category specific and also incorporates supporting videos and articles. The buying decision guide is now integrated with the product comparison service for which CompareIt has been known.

"Buyers of technology and electronics aren't generally product experts", states Chuck Hess, former Senior Consultant at Motorola. "Consumers need something like a dynamic version of Consumer Reports' buyer's guides. The alternative for businesses has been research analysts' reports, but only the largest of organizations can cost justify them. This new approach looks to fill both of these needs."

The result is a web service that refreshingly does more than provide a list of available products for sale, as typically seen on ecommerce sites. With the Research Engine enhancement, people can make educated choices on the features that meet their needs and then apply that criteria against's database of more than two million technology products. And remains free of charge for all users.

CompareIt's co-founder, Duane Golden, commented, "A Research Engine is the logical extension of the Search Engine. A Search Engine does a great job of identifying information related to a given topic, but it leaves it to the user to make sense of the results. A Research Engine adds subject matter expertise to help guide the user to an informed decision." was developed in response to the frustration of too many choices with too little information. It was designed to help people who knew what they needed, but didn't know the right questions to ask to find the best solution. With this Research Engine release, lives up to the promise of that vision.

About CompareIt:

CompareIt, LLC: Since 2006, CompareIt has allowed businesses and savvy consumers to run detailed technology product comparisons, providing in-depth information leading to the selection of products best meeting their needs. For more information about CompareIt, please call (937) 435-2700 or visit

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