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Business to Business
Business to Business

Interested in doing business with CompareIt? We are always on the lookout for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Here are a few ways in which you can work with CompareIt:


We permit very little advertising on our site. But the advertising we do allow is prominently featured. We are looking for advertising partners whose message adds to the CompareIt mission of providing the best technology comparison information on the web. That message can relate to our product search and comparison or our Go Green initiatives.

Website Technology

You may have interest in using CompareIt technology to run comparisons on your own sites. We are the Technology Comparison Experts, but our comparison technology is equally applicable to any product set. This can take two different forms: 1) license our technology and implement it yourself, or 2) have us provision a site or subdomain for you.

Data Mining & Analytics

We capture significant data on what people are looking for in technology products. We aggregate that data (no personal data) and can make it available to manufacturers and resellers to allow them to enhance their products and target their marketing.

If you have an interest in partnering with CompareIt, send an e-mail to or contact us here.

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